Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Our course offers face-to-face training for all staff on the topic of equality and diversity in the workplace. Our course promotes an awareness of diversity in staff teams and supporting colleagues and managers and the conduct expected in the workplace.

Complete Training Minimum Learning Outcomes:

Enable the worker to:

  • Be able to provide three examples of how approaches can be adapted when working with colleagues
  • Be able to list two examples of workplace discrimination and gross misconduct
  • Be able to reflect on the diversity of own staff team and list four benefits of having a diverse workforce
  • Be able to provide five examples of unacceptable behaviour and differentiate between direct and indirect discrimination

Links to: CQC key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) CQC fundamental standards:

  • CQC KLOEs / Effective: E1, E3

Suggested refresher frequency:

  • Monitor performance.
  • Assess knowledge and competence at least annually.
  • Provide learning and development opportunities when identified or required and at least every 2 years.

This course will be delivered by an expert trainer in this field at a date and time of your choosing. The training is hosted at our own premises which can comfortably accommodate up to 12 individuals. All course materials will be provided and refreshments are included. This training can also be delivered at your own premises if feasible and required.

Certificates will be issued on completion of the course and you will also receive copies of completed evaluation forms for your records. We are flexible on start times to help accommodate for all your shift patterns, including evenings and weekends.

If face to face training is not feasible, we also offer a remote distance learning pack containing learning resources and workbook.

Our Facilities:

  • Disability access building
  • Ground flood training facilities (at request)
  • Comfortable classroom lecture/study environment
  • Toilet & Washrooms inc. disabled access
  • Refreshments provision

Theory & Activities:

  • Time required: Half a day
  • Accommodates: Up to 12 people
  • Total Price: £200 +VAT

Our training is also available in distance learning pack format at £10 +VAT per person.

Training Courses

  • Equality and Diversity Training - Our course offers face-to-face training for all front line workers on the topics of equality, diversity and inclusion. Our course will aid front line workers in identifying and respecting the things that make people different, and how care and support must be specific to meet each persons needs, wishes and preferences.